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LED Pixel Ring

stage pixel ring 15inch


1. working voltage:24-48v

2. Power: 45W

3. Diameter: 381mm/381INCH

4.240leds 60 pixels

5. steel install or screw fixed

6. Mask color: transparent/milk
    The DMX512 pixel ring is mainly used in stage bar decoration. The effect of the LED pixel ring can be adjusted through the MA, Tiger, and Pearl console, and each LED of the pixel ring can be adjusted through the computer ARTNET control method.
    DMX channel description and corresponding internal effects of DMX channel
    Channel List
    DMX Channel Description
    Brightness  1  Top total brightness adjustment
    Red            2   Top red brightness adjustment
    Green        3    Top green brightness adjustment
    Blue           4    Top blue brightness adjustment
    Effect         5    64 effects, refer to the corresponding effect number
    Speed        6    Adjust the speed of the effect. The larger the number, the faster the speed.
    Flicker        7   The top color flicker, the larger the number,the faster the flicker 
    Angle         8    Select light angle for the first pixel
    Brightness 9    Bottom total brightness adjustment
    Red          10   Bottom red brightness adjustment
    Green       11   Bottom green brightness adjustment
    Blue          12   Bottom blue brightness adjustment
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