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LED Controller

CL-404R Artnet(RDM) controller


1. Input voltage:110V~220V

2. Plug and play 24V 

3. 4*680pixel

4. 256~65536 Grayscale

5. MAX power:meanwell1000W

6. Max connect 40m bar,  40pcs 360 degree tube , 20pcs rings

7. Support Artnet and DMX, offline control, directly connect console, and record effects


9.RDM function ,sACN control

    New design 4 port. With 1000W Meanwell Power
    CL404R is a professional lighting controller with RDM. It supports DMX and ART_NET signal input. Multiple controllers can be cascaded. The output supports SPI and DMX signals. This product can be widely used in stage lighting, bar atmosphere setting, Club, engineering lighting, planetarium and science and technology museum, dance lighting effects, studio recording and other venues.

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