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LED Controller

AN804PRO Artnet&RDM controller

Artnet controller:483*163*44mm

8 output,each port 680 pixels

Support 19-inch cabinet

Support mad-show,madrix,mad-mapper,resolume

Support DMX call internal effects

Built-in 32 effects for recording madrix,madmapper,Resolume Arena,MADSHOW,MA2

Support ArtNet,sACN,RDM,DMX

    1. DMX channel expander, can be expanded to 8 DMX 512, total 4096 channels or SPI 5440 pixel;
    2. Support multiple serial expansion channels, up to 32;
    3. High-speed switch-based Ethernet I/O for latency-free connections;
    4. Support ArtNet, DMX512, RDM protocol;
    5. Support expansion of DMX output ports of Tiger Touch, MA and other consoles;
    6. All DMX ports are equipped with 3-pin Neutrik XLR (can be customized 5-pin);
    7. 100% electrical isolation between all input/output ports: a problem on 1 port will not affect other ports;
    8. Applicable to 19 inch cabinet 1U;
    9. Support software:mad-show,madrix,mad-mapper,resolume;
    10. Support effect recording and offline playback;
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