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led meteor tube-Guangzhou International Auto Show

Time:2021-12-04 Views:2039
LED meteor tube-Guangzhou International Auto Show

This time, at the GAC Trumpchi booth, LED meteor tubes are used as the core to build a visual shape. 150 meteor tubes are hung on the top of the
booth in a matrix shape, and the top is connected and fixed by a meteor tube hook; the meteor tube adopts a signal return design and a T-shaped waterproof connector plug.
It can perfectly hide the cables;The overall shape is simple and elegant, and the lights pass through like meteors, naturally smooth;
With the artnet controller and the lighting effects of madrix to complete the on-site lighting layout, it can achieve gradual, flowing, and other lighting effects.
Can be programmed and played in real time;
The led meteor tube has 360° double-sided luminescence, low voltage and high brightness, and is easy to install.
It can be widely used in exhibition hall lighting decoration,park night scenes, bar lighting, festive atmosphere lights and other fields.