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LED pixel bar shines at Guangzhou International Auto Show

Time:2021-11-27 Views:2049
LED pixel bar shines at Guangzhou International Auto Show

The background wall of the automobile exhibition hall is decorated by LED pixel bars. The pixel bars are arranged neatly and spaced on the wall.
They are neat and beautiful without losing the sense of breathing. Both ends of the pixel bars are connected in series with male and female plugs
to complete the signal. Transmission, stable signal;
LED pixel bar matching the artnet controller and madrix complete the arrangement of the lighting effects, which can achieve conventional lighting
effects such as water flow and gradation, and you can also program the lighting effects to complete real-time playback;
The overall shape is simple, elegant and full of beauty, which complements other lighting equipment in the exhibition hall and coincides with the
public brand tonality;
With its simple and convenient installation, high grayscale, high brightness, no flicker, and delicate and soft lighting, the LED pixel bar has once
again entered the field of vision of the International Automobile Exhibition!