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The Artistic Light That Illuminates The Stage
LED Pixel Bar: The Artistic Light That Illuminates The Stage

The main visual stage art shape constructed by LED pixel bar presents a wonderful visual feast to the audience with its unique charm. The pixel bar are fixedly installed on the custom truss of the stage, 
creating a gorgeous lighting framework in the air. Through the signal transmission method of hand-in-hand cascade, the pixel bar achieve seamless stitching;
This cascade method not only provides excellent control performance, but also brings more creativity and surprises to the performance. In order to maintain the tidiness of the stage and the smoothness of the lines, 
the back of the pixel bar adopts a hidden line design, which perfectly integrates the signal line into the truss structure. In this way, the lighting effect is more pure, bringing an incomparable visual enjoyment to the audience.
In terms of control, we use the MAD-SHOW/Madrix lighting control system, and through precise programming and adjustment, achieve perfect synchronization with the music.
The concert scene is a blend of light and shadow, creating an unparalleled audio-visual feast. This fully demonstrates our professional strength and innovation ability in the field of concerts.
We are committed to providing customers with high-quality pixel strips and Artnet controllers, and providing personalized installation plans and technical support.
Our goal is to create a unique visual experience for every performance through the perfect integration of light and shadow, and create unforgettable moments.