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QT Software Developer
1. Have experience in Qt project development, proficient in using debugging functions
2. Have a solid foundation in C++, familiar with common data structures, object-oriented and other basic knowledge
3. Familiar with network programming, multithreading, and other related knowledge
4. Multimedia development experience, image recognition, camera capture, audio analysis
5. Understand HTTP protocol, UDP communication, Windows native sockets, and serial communication
6. Understand XML file format, QML, gzip compressed SDK
7. Used ffmpeg, opencv, opengl, svn
8. Familiar with the packaging and distribution process
9. Have experience in web front-end and back-end development, with a preference for understanding the Art Net protocol
10. Have certain insights into software design patterns and apply them
11. Solid mathematical knowledge, using algorithms to perform image special effects operations
12. Have experience in interactive development, including cameras and radars
13. Good code style, clear and tidy structure
Salary and benefits: 12-20K
Working hours: 8-12, 2-6 (big and small weeks)
Job Benefits: Five insurances, accommodation, holiday benefits, multiple annual salary adjustments, and year-end bonuses
Job highlights: Good team atmosphere, great development potential, and high welfare benefits