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Hondys battery tube

Hondys battery pixel tube 1m


Charging voltage:PD protocol  (5V/3A -20V/3.25A)

Output MAX power:36W(high power mode)& 25W(saving mode)

Operating mode:2.4G Wireless transmission, ART-NET, RDM

Transmission distance:≤30M

Gray level:65536

Output color:16K

Battery operating hours:>3.5H(high power mode) &>5H(high power mode) 



Installation method:Hanging ring, tripod stand, light buckle ands traight connector

Support software:Hondys/Mad-show/Madrix

Application scenarios: stage performances, temporary events, wedding reception, auto show welcome, travel lighting atmosphere, etc.

Video Effects by youtube

    OLED Display 1/4 splicing shape screw Seamless splice screw Knob Button Type-c charging port 1/4 inch thread (camera thread)
    can be mounted on a tripod or lifting ring
    holes shape screw holes
    Hondys tube size:  
    Support 2.4G WIFI transmission, remote control, distance up to 30m;
    2.4G WiFi transmission Distance up to 30m

    Implement USB PD3.0 fast charging standard, support 20V voltage charging;
    Four control methods

    APP Control Knob button control PC control Console control
    A variety of installation methods suitable for a variety of occasions;
    1. Seamless stitching

    The straight connectors are embedded on both sides of the Hondys tube,
    and the Hondys tube is inserted into each other to achieve seamless splicing;

    2. Ring installation

    Hanging ropes and screws on both sides complete the hoisting,

    Pay attention to the angle of the lifting ring to prevent the center  of gravity of the lamp from shifting; 

    3.Tripod stand installation

    The tripod is used with the connecting rod to fix the Hondys tube,Standing vertically on the ground; 

    4.Light buckle installation

    160°light emission, which can realize various lighting effects such as gradient, jump, flowing water, and monochrome;

    160° beam ang‘

           Minimum working hours is 6.5 hours;

    24000MA Large capacity battery 6.5 hours of durable battery life

    9-in-1 Charger, fast flash charge

    Support multi-lamp synchronous coordinated control, cascade multiple, the effect is more prominent;

    Support software control such as Hondys\ Mad-show\Madrix;

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