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Photography lighting

Gesture sensing color fill light

1.It is 12-inch ring light, which is different from the 10-inch ring light on the market;

2.It is a private model with a unique appearance;

3.The ring light supports the unique gesture sensing control;

4.The product is designed according to the technical parameters of photography, which has better object reducibility;

5.With a TYPE-C power supply port, it can be powered by a power bank, which is convenient for outdoor use;

6.There is an LED display on the back of the ring light, which is convenient for customers to check the lighting parameters;

7.The product supports desktop stand and floor stand;

8.Products have CE, ROHS certification, complete packaging, and it is easy to be exported;

9. The ring light has 6 fixed color temperature, and supports 2700-6500K unlimited color temperature adjustment;

10.Support 8 colors, and can be 360 degrees of non-polar color palette;

11.Supports 5 auto modes, such as candlelight, fresh, gradient, jump, etc
    Clen original gesture sensing control LED beauty Ring Light, with very interactive technology, and is produced according to the technical standards of the film and television. The Ra and TICL are both higher than 95, which better restores the true color of the object. In addition to beauty, you can also shoot special effect posters, which can be used in beauty selfie, camera shooting fill light, short video shooting, live stream shooting, and etc. Email:info@clenled.com
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