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Tmall 618 super night

Time:2020-06-23 Views:6083

The strength of popular fans Of Alibaba, a word against the party for everyone to bring the feast. To celebrate the 618 Shopping Festival in the middle of the year, Jiangsu SATELLITE TV once again teamed up with alibaba Group‘s brands to present a super audiovisual top show at 19:30 PM on June 16. LED DISPLAY,ARTNET congtroller,
The party is headed by Wang Xi as the chief producer, Jiang Fangming as the chief director, Tang Yan as the artistic director, the lighting design team is Dong Jiang Sangong team, and the team led by Ke Changyong to bring wonderful stage visual design and production, to protect the super night visual effect, to the audience in front of the TV a super night!

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