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Amazing Music Festival

Time:2020-06-28 Views:4978
The Dutch company is dedicated to organizing events and music festivals. It has many music Festival brands, the most famous of which is Qlimax and Defqon.1 Festival.
Qlimax is the world‘s leading indoor Hardstyle music festival. It is famous for its complex production: lots of stage lighting, flamethrowers, fireworks and the best artists tell a story at multiple stages of the night.
Each version of Qlimax has a specific theme, and the storyline is often related to a spiritual concept. The design of the stage, the DJ‘s style and the content of the theme song are all customized to this theme. It can be said that the Qlimax stage has been shocking since 2009.
More and more LED pixel bars, pixel tubes, and pixel rings are gradually designed to redefine the stage. These lights are connected to the MA2 console through ARTNET controller to interact with live music.
The huge stage and the lighting installation covering the whole field make people sigh with emotion: there are so many stage lights, it‘s good to have money!
Defqon.1 was founded in 2003. Unlike Qlimax, it is an outdoor music festival, which is held every year in the Netherlands, Chile and Australia! Each year, they try to outdo themselves with unique stage designs, from the legendary three heads to a giant crab to a giant defqon.1 logo to a few shots with the defqON.1 logo on them, all classic.

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