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InfoComm China 2024

Time:2024-04-09 Views:4358
InfoComm China 2024

We sincerely invite you to participate in 2024 Beijing InfoComm China (Beijing Professional Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Solutions Trade Fair). 
This remarkable event will grandly open at the National Convention Center in Beijing from April 17 to April 19, 2024.
Our booth number is PH7-07, where you will witness a series of amazing innovative products:
The LED pixel bar, with its delicate lighting and gorgeous colors, presents a realistic and dreamlike image for you, bringing a stunning visual feast.
The 360 degree LED tube, like a splendid rainbow dancing lightly in the air, creates amazing light and shadow effects, as if leading you into a dreamlike cloud fairyland.
The Hondys tube and Hondys pixel are designed with a unique WiFi wireless connection, showing a unique visual charm for you and making your display more attractive.
The Rotation 360 tube and scalelike matrix demonstrating mechanical innovation add more artistic atmosphere and interest to your scene with the beauty of dynamics.
A variety of advanced controllers are like precise conductors, easily controlling every detail of the lighting, allowing you to create stunning lighting effects as you wish.
Our carefully developed MAD-SHOW lighting control software is like a creative master, providing you with convenient and efficient lighting control and creative editing, 
allowing your creativity to shine in the light and shadow.In addition, our professional team will be on-site to introduce the products to you enthusiastically and share the latest industry trends and application cases. 
This will be an excellent opportunity for communication and cooperation, and we look forward to your presence!

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