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2023 Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO

Time:2023-06-28 Views:56581
2023 Live Entertainment Expo TOKYO

Welcome to the Tokyo Performing Arts Equipment and Lighting Stage Exhibition! As exhibitors in this event, we are bringing our latest products and innovative solutions to meet all your stage lighting needs.
Firstly, we proudly introduce our pixel bars that will create countless possibilities for your stage. With highly programmable LED bulbs, the pixel bars can deliver stunning light effects and dynamic visuals, ensuring every performance is breathtaking and awe-inspiring.
The color cloud tube, another highly acclaimed product, showcases innovative design and advanced technology, providing audiences with a unique visual experience. Through the clever combination of colors and lights, the color cloud tube creates an immersive atmosphere and incredible stage effects that are truly mesmerizing.
To better control the lighting effects, we have also introduced the Artnet controller, offering an intuitive and flexible way to masterfully adjust and create stage lighting. Whether it’s seamless color transitions, precise brightness control, or the creation of special effects, the Artnet controller meets your requirements with ease.
Additionally, we have introduced the rainbow flute tube and rotating color cloud tube to add more visual layers and dynamic elements to your stage. The unique design and magnificent light effects of the rainbow flute tube create a mysterious and captivating ambiance for performers and audiences alike. The dynamic effects and diverse rotation modes of the rotating color cloud tube bring infinite possibilities and unbelievable visual impact to the stage.
At this exhibition, we will showcase these astounding products, inviting you to enter a world of creative and passionate stage lighting. Whether you are an artist, producer, or stage designer, we are committed to providing comprehensive support and professional services to make your performances even more spectacular and unforgettable.
Please visit our booth to personally engage with us and learn more about the exciting offerings at the Tokyo Performing Arts Equipment and Lighting Stage Exhibition. We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo!

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