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The Perfect Performance of Light and Shadow Blending The Visual Feast of Led Pixel Bar in Concerts

Time:2023-10-10 Views:30617
The Perfect Performance of Light and Shadow Blending: The Visual Feast of Led Pixel Bar in Concerts

In a stunning concert, the lighting effects brought by our pixel bars and Artnet controllers brought a stunning visual feast to the audience with their unique charm. The pixel bars is fixed on the top truss of the stage, creating a magnificent lighting structure in the air.
The signal is transmitted between the pixel bars through a cascade of hand in hand. We connect the pixel bars together, forming a continuous and smooth light effect display, bringing a shocking visual impact to the on-site audience. This cascade approach not only provides extremely high control performance, but also gives the performance more creativity and surprises.
In order to keep the stage clean and smooth, a hidden line scheme was designed on the back of the pixel bar, perfectly integrating the signal line into the truss structure. This not only makes the lighting effect more pure, but also creates unparalleled visual enjoyment for the audience.
In terms of control, we used the Madrix lighting control system, which achieved perfect synchronization with music through precise programming and adjustment. This interweaves light and shadow at the concert venue, creating an unparalleled audio-visual feast.
We are committed to providing customers with high-quality pixel bar and Artnet controllers, as well as personalized installation solutions and technical support. Our goal is to create a unique visual experience for each performance through the perfect combination of light and shadow, bringing unforgettable moments.