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Spherical LED 360 degree tube construction site

Time:2021-07-19 Views:2282
Spherical LED 360 degree tube construction site

The special shape of the LED 360 degree tube is used to connect the LED 360 degree tube into two hemispheres with
a customized connector on site,
and then the two hemispheres are connected and fixed into a sphere;
LED 360 degree tube used has 360° luminescence, no dark area,
high brightness and no strobe;
you can plug the male and female plugs in series, the connection is simple and convenient; cooperate with madrix and
the controller
to complete the lighting effect;

TheLED 360 degree tube is highly recognized by customers for its 360° luminescence and convenient connection.
With connectors of different angles, various modeling effects can be built to complete the creative modeling and lighting
effects of your Tianma starry sky.