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Rotation 360 tubeMeizu‘s Art Exhibition Display

Time:2023-04-25 Views:1924
Rotation 360 tubeMeizu‘s Art Exhibition Display

The exhibition of Meizu‘s art installation features 120 rotating 360 tubes, arranged around a frame and connected to rotating heads via connecting rods. The tubes are installed upside down onto the rotating heads, and the installation process requires careful attention to the angles between each tube to avoid collisions. Once installed, an ARTNET controller is used to control the rotation of the tubes.
The rotating 360 tubes emit light in all directions with no blind spots, and can rotate 360 degrees with adjustable direction and speed. The lighting is soft and gentle. The tubes can be controlled through ARTNET or DMX signals, and can be connected to software such as Madrix, Mad-show, and Madmapper. They can also be controlled using an MA console, with simple and easy operation.
The smooth color changes and rotations of the rotating 360 tubes create a unique and beautiful aesthetic, taking space decoration to the next level. The tubes operate quietly during rotation, combining dynamics with tranquility, and gradually becoming a mainstream choice in the market.