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Malaysia Music Festival

Time:2021-12-18 Views:2095
Malaysia Music Festival

At the large-scale music festival in Malaysia, the stage style is built on the basis of the door-shaped structure. Both sides are equipped with
display screens and pixel bar to complete the visual construction.
LED pixel bar are spread around the display screen layout, and seamless connecting bar are used between the pixel bar. Connection,
multiple angle connecting rods can be built at any angle; the waterproof plugs on both sides can be connected in series to signal,
and the artnet controller and madrix lighting effects can complete the scene lighting arrangement; the led pixel bar light is soft,
and it is perfectly integrated with the display screen. Outline the main visual shape, set off the main visual lighting effect;
The led pixel bar are simple and convenient to build and have soft lighting effects. They can be used with other lighting equipment,
and they can also complete the task of visual effects independently!

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