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LED Strip_Low voltage high brightness_IP68 waterproof_Beijing Auto Show

Time:2024-05-04 Views:1420
Create stunning visual experience in auto show

At the Volkswagen Beijing Auto Show, the LED strip has become a highlight of the auto show decoration with its excellent performance and unique charm. 
This led strip has low voltage and high brightness, and 120-degree lighting without dark areas, bringing bright and uniform light to the auto show site.
It adopts series transmission technology to ensure the stable transmission of the signal, presenting a consistent and smooth lighting effect. At the same time, the led strip has an IP68 waterproof rating, 
which can resist various harsh weather and ensure normal operation in any case.Combined with the Artnet controller, the lighting effect is more rich and diverse. 
Through the controller, you can easily adjust the color, brightness, and dynamic effect of the led strip to create a unique and eye-catching display scene.
Whether it is used for the stage layout of the auto show, the decoration of the display car, or the lighting of the venue, the led strip can enhance the overall atmosphere and attract the attention of the audience. 
It adds a sense of technology and art to the auto show and makes the display more vivid and wonderful.Choose the LED led strip to bring a stunning visual experience to your auto show.