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LED pixel bar-linear lighting design application

Time:2021-08-21 Views:3737
LED pixel bar-linear lighting design application

     The stage lighting was designed around the central display screen as the theme, with linear lighting to complete the lighting layout
     of the main stage.
     LED pixel bars are distributed around the LED display screen as a linear light source, which complements and complements the
     lighting effects of the display screen;
The scattered pixel bars at the bottom of the main stage will not affect the visual effect of the
     display screen, but also can make up for the missing part of the light;
     The three-dimensional shape of the pixel bar on the top is fixed on the truss and echoes the overall design of the stage,
     with the lighting effects of madrix and the LED controller.
The overall lighting is integrated, quiet and beautiful.
     The LED pixel bar walks with you with your dreams!