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LED pixel bar-building technology and future scenarios

Time:2021-09-30 Views:2131
LED pixel bar-building technology and future scenarios

The 2020 Global 5G Application Competition opened smoothly. The competition will explore the future space with 5G as the theme, and the venue
style is full of sense of science and technology;the scene is based on the LED display screen as the main visual design.
Match the LED pixel bar to complete the overall stage design; the top of the stage is spliced by LED pixel bars into quadrilaterals of different sizes,
nesting each other to form a very strong three-dimensional effect, and connecting rods are used between the pixel bars Seamlessly connected and
fixed to the top truss;
The stage lighting effect is completed by Madrix in cooperation with the Artnet controller. The overall lighting effect uses lines to express the sense
of future and technology, which coincides with the lighting characteristics of the LED pixel bar;
The light of the LED pixel bar is delicate and soft, which can be flexibly matched and used in a wide range of scenarios.