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LED CNC rotating 360 degree LED tube

Time:2021-11-06 Views:1952
LED CNC rotating 360 degree LED tube

Rotating  360 degree LED tube bar application case, 24 sets of rotating 360 degree LED tube are arranged in a circular shape (keep the spacing to avoid collision),
installed on the truss on the top of the bar and fixed with hooks. T-line series signals are used between rotations,
and each controller The port can be matched with 6 rotating 360 degree LED tube,Cooperate with Madrix to complete the display of lighting effects;
The rotating 360 degree LED tube supports DMX512 signal input, SPI output signal output, and supports software and console control.
With its 360° luminous rotation, adjustable speed, controllable angle, and easy installation, it has gradually become the focus of the market and is deeply loved by the public;
The rotating 360 degree LED tube has delicate and soft lighting, versatile in shape and full of beauty.
It can be widely used in stages, bars, exhibition halls and other places.

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