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Hondys tube Guides Your Journey in Steering Light Creativity

Time:2023-08-04 Views:1086
Hondys tube Guides Your Journey in Steering Light Creativity

In a vibrant bar, a dazzling light performance is about to begin. Wireless-controlled Hondys tube will bring you a magnificent display of light and shadow. With Hondys App, you can effortlessly control the entire venue’s lighting, combining creativity and technology to create an unparalleled visual feast. The hondys tube use 2.4G WIFI wireless transmission, with a control distance of up to 60 meters. They also support software such as Madrix and MA consoles for control. With built-in various lighting modes, they are suitable for a wide range of scenes. Powered by rechargeable batteries, supporting PD3.0 fast charging protocol, and with a minimum working time of 6.5 hours in power-saving mode. Multiple installation methods such as tripods, hanging rings, and light clamps can adapt to various scenes.
Meanwhile, whether you are using iOS or Android system, you can easily download and use the Hondys App to experience this exciting innovation.
In the nights to come, let us continue to explore the boundless possibilities of the Hondys tube, bringing more stunning and unique light performances, adding new charm and passion to the night.