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Hondys battery tube park night view

Time:2022-10-29 Views:3418
Hondys battery tube park night view

The location of this shooting is the outdoor park as the main place, and the tripod + connecting rod is used for fixed installation. The aesthetic feeling of line can be drawn around the main object, and creative modeling can also be placed by oneself, which is simple and convenient. In the process of modeling, attention should be paid to the sequence of the ID of the rainbow tube; Hondys battery tube support 2.4GWiFi wireless transmission, support Artnet/DMX signal control, can be connected to Madrix and other Artnet software, support Hondys app control and console control; After connecting the repeater, the transmission distance can reach 60m;
Hondys battery tube supports seamless insertion, hoisting and other installation methods, suitable for different occasions, convenient and diverse modeling, support to build 3D three-dimensional modeling, 16k color refresh frequency, restore the true color; Various control methods, suitable for exhibition, park night view, high-end auto show and other occasions!
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