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Guangzhou Chimelong Night Tour Project

Time:2022-12-03 Views:1086
Guangzhou Chimelong Night Tour Project

A large night tour was held in Guangzhou Chimelong Resort. The picture shows a large float project. The shape of the float is built around a steel frame with light bands and various lamps; The controller system is controlled by AN404 4-port controller;
AN404 controller supports AC110-220V voltage input, which is convenient for use on the construction site; Four ports can be output at the same time, each port supports 680 pixels, and the characteristics of lightweight, compact, external power supply make it easier to carry and move on site; The controller supports the artnet software control such as madrix, and can also be accessed to the MA console for control; 31 built-in effects, which can replace the recording effect and facilitate the live broadcast effect;
The AN404 controller has become the first choice for many projects because of its portability, support for offline use, support for 19 inch cabinet management and other characteristics!
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