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404R 4port controller helps Changchun Film Festival

Time:2022-08-26 Views:1538
404R 4port controller helps Changchun Film Festival

The 17th China Changchun Film Festival has been grandly opened recently. The style of this opening ceremony is based on technology, using large screen + ground screen as the main visual, highlighting the theme of science and technology, supplemented by light strips around the screen, using our independent research and development. The 404R 4port controller completes the control of the light, and the Madrix software connects the controller to complete the control of the light strip and the coordinated operation of the light;
404R 4port controller supports simultaneous output of 4 ports, each port supports up to 680 pixels, built-in 1000W MEAN WELL power supply, no need for additional power supply; with artnet and SD card modes, it can be connected to artnet software such as madrix and mad-show to play effects, can also play built-in effects, support the recording of built-in effects, and offline use; the controller can be connected to a maximum of 64 units to meet the needs of most stage projects; at the same time, it supports MA console programming and control to meet more convenient needs;
Our independently developed Artnet controller is simple and convenient to connect, with stable signal transmission, and different styles of controllers can handle a variety of complex occasions!

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