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360 degree tube—Create a new generation of Internet celebrity check-in mecca

Time:2021-09-11 Views:2285
360 degree tube—— Create a new generation of Internet celebrity check-in mecca 

The square structure made of LED 360 degree tubes is vertically erected on the ground and complements the reflection of the ground, forming a very strong three-dimensional effect. The 360 degree tubes are connected and fixed by 26-hole balls.
Any structure can be built, which is extremely convenient; the 360 degree tube has 3 installation methods, in addition to the hole ball, the hook can be hung and the tripod can stand on the ground, so it can be used in a wide range of scenarios;
The site was built with 2 meters of 360 degree tubes, and the door-shaped channel combined by multiple square structures is full of technology.
With the lightingeffects of the madrix and artnet controllers, the on-site effects are amazing.
Become a new generation of Internet celebrities punch card mecca!


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